Dual Currency Form

Important Reminders:

  1. The dollar credit limit is same as your peso credit limit but expressed in dollars.  Thus, your credit limit remains the same.

  2. The Dollar Statement of Account will have the same statement cut-off as your Peso Statement of Account.

  3. All local purchases in Philippine Peso will be posted in your Peso account, while all international (U.S. Dollar or other foreign currencies) purchases will be billed in U.S. Dollar and posted in the Dollar account.

  4. When paying your bills, your local transactions must be paid in Philippine Peso.  For international transactions, you have the option to pay the exact amount in US Dollar or pay in Philippine Peso using the exchange rate during payment.

  5. International transactions will earn one (1) point for every US$1 and will be reflected in the Dollar Statement of Account.

  6. In case of disenrollment from the Dual Currency Billing option, all transactions will be posted in your Peso account, effective upon approval of the disenrollment request.  All transactions made in foreign currencies will be converted to U.S. Dollars by the Card Brands before being converted to Philippine Peso by BDO.


Dual Currency Form

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