1. Fill out this form if you did not participate in transaction - charge is unauthorized.
2. Please completely fill out the form using the prescribed format.
3. For the 'Card Number' field, customer should provide the OLD Card Number.
4. Forms which are improperly completed shall be subject to processing delays.
5. Photocopy of your OLD Debit card is required for verification.
6. If your card is still active, pls note that we shall automatically block your card for security purposes. For card replacement, please coordinate with your Branch of Account.
7. Please attach supporting documents that would assist in the investigation and to substantiate your claim.
8. Not all devices support this current web form version. Best used in website of desktop / laptop.
9. Once customer successfully submits dispute claim, a confirmation message with a confirmation number shall appear. Keep your confirmation number for your record to track status of claim.

Debit Card Dispute Form

*mandatory fields