Complimentary Delsey Luggage
Complimentary Item Spend Requirement
(Single or Accumulated)
One (1) FREE Delsey Luggage worth P5,000 Php 75,000
One (1) FREE Delsey Luggage worth P8,000 Php 150,000

Promotion is open to newly and first-time approved Basic and Supplementary Cardmembers of American Express Gold Credit Card whose application was received and subsequently approved from January 10 to December 31, 2019.

Registration Reminders:

1. Promotion is open to newly and first time approved Basic and Supplementary American Express Gold Credit Cardmembers.
2. Spend period is within 90 days upon card receipt.
3. Registration (Submission of Web Registration Form) and redemption period must be within 60 days from end of spend period.
4. Minimum transaction amount of charge slip should be Php3,000 based on the actual Peso value reflected on the Billing Statement of the qualified American Express Gold Credit Card.
5. Do not use special characters (i.e. comma, apostrophe, hyphen, period, &) in your field entries.
6. Transactions submitted for this promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other ongoing promotions of American Express, BDO Credit Cards, and Merchant Partners (ex. SM 3-Day Sale, BDO Treats, etc). The transactions registered in order to avail of any BDO Credit Card promotion can no longer be used to redeem in this promotion.
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2019 American Express Gold Credit Card Activation Promo

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