Important Reminder:

1. For partial payment to be applied to Principal Balance, payment should be made on the due date of your loan account and on top of your monthly amortization schedule.

2. Should the due date fall on a weekend or holiday, kindly make the payment on the banking day before the non-banking day.

3. Partial Payment made beyond the account's due date shall be collected of an accrued interest.

4. Payment can be made over the counter at any BDO branch.

Kindly advise the teller to validate your payment using the codes below.


GL CODE: 145204000000


Note: The interest collected is not an additional charge, it covers the period wherein your outstanding balance has not been adjusted. Upon application of your partial payment, only the remaining days for the 30/31-day period, will be computed with interest and collected on the next amortization due date. It will be reflected on the new amortization schedule to be provided.