Important Reminders

1. Only a Basic Cardmember, whose Card Account(s) is/are active and in good credit standing at the time of redemption can redeem Membership Rewards® Points.
2. Points earned on separate Basic Card Accounts, all in the same Basic Cardmember’s name, may not be consolidated for the
purpose of redemption.
3. Points that have been redeemed for any reward cannot be cancelled nor transferred back into the Cardmember’s Card Account. 
4. An annual fee is charged for enrollment and participation in the Frequent Traveler Option (FTO) category. By redeeming air miles or hotel loyalty program points, the FTO Annual Fee will be charged automatically to your Card (P800 for Blue from American Express and
US$20 for American Express Gold Card and American Express Green Card).
5. Choose from the selection of Rewards available from the latest Incentivo Catalogue.
6. All redemptions are subject to American Express Membership Rewards® Program Terms and Conditions.

American Express Membership Rewards

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